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Available on iPod Touch iPhone iPad
Suitable for Ages 5 to 7 7 to 11
Current Price... £free

About the App:

Spellosaur makes learning spellings more fun with a set of games to help progressively learn each word – listen and choose the correct word, complete the word by adding the missing letters, plus re-arrange the letters to make the word.

Possible Classroom Uses:

  • Use the app to review your weekly spellings lists. Get children to test themselves and see which words they spelt correctly / incorrectly.
  • Ask children to identify words that they often make mistakes on and use this app to practise those.
  • Make a ‘Spellosaur’ display in your classroom and decorate it with your spellings!

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  • Terry Lee

    Would be a good app for my 6 yr old if it actually worked past the second test level (word scramble) !!

  • Pauline Nutton

    Loved the fun way this is meant to help children but because you can’t include apostrophes it’s not very good when teaching shortened words.

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